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Non-Slip Splash Pad For Kids And Pet Pool by Lumien

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Safe and Non-Slip Design: Safety comes first, especially when it comes to water play. The Lumien Non-Slip Splash Pad features a textured, non-slip surface, providing a secure area for kids and pets to play without worrying about slips or falls. It's peace of mind for parents and pet owners alike.

Fun and Interactive: The Lumien Splash Pad is designed to keep kids and pets entertained for hours. With vibrant colors, engaging patterns, and built-in sprinklers, it's like having your own mini water park right in your backyard. Watch as laughter and smiles abound!

Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand endless hours of play, the Lumien Non-Slip Splash Pad is made from high-quality, durable materials. It can handle rough and tumble play from energetic kids and curious pets, ensuring years of enjoyment and entertainment.

Easy Setup and Maintenance:
No need for complicated installations or constant upkeep. The Lumien Non-Slip Splash Pad sets up in minutes and is easy to clean and maintain. Just attach a hose, adjust the water pressure, and let the fun begin! When playtime is over, simply drain and fold for convenient storage.

Versatile and Multi-Purpose:
Whether it's a hot summer day, a birthday party, or just a weekend of family fun, the Lumien Non-Slip Splash Pad is the perfect outdoor accessory. Use it as a kiddie pool for little ones to splash around in, a pet pool for furry friends to cool off, or even as a fun water play area for outdoor gatherings.


Color: Blue100cm