Kneeler & Seat by Lumien

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Must have for all gardeners. Get up and kneel with no pain. Want to forget about discomfort while gardening? Welcome! You are at the right place 😊

🟢Ease back pain and knee pressure
🟢Strong rails and soft padding for knees
🟢Can hold up to 330 lbs
🟢Two in one. Kneeler and stool.
🟢Light and easy to carry. Weighs 5 lbs
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Size: 61x27x49cm



Why suffer the pain when you can use our kneeler? 

Gardening brings us so much joy. However, sometimes it can be interrupted by knee or back pain, especially during long sessions of work. To make your gardening experience more pleasant and comfortable, it's crucial to find a comfortable position to work in. That's where our kneeler comes in to assist you.

One kneeler for many years. 

Crafted with premium materials, our kneeler seat stool is built to last. Its construction ensures stability and support, making it ideal for prolonged use in any garden setting.

Use as a kneeler and as a stool

Gardening requires us to be flexible, and we need to work in different positions. Lumien has thought of this, which is why we created a kneeler & stool to make your time in the garden as productive and joyful as possible.

98% satisfied clients

Wonderful way to save wear and tear on your back and knees. Light and easy to carry around and very sturdy.

Anna M.

It helps me gardening. I can sit and be close to the ground and get up easily. It’s easy to fold up and put away.

Patricia S.

I use it out in the garden all of the time. I am 76 years old and it is difficult for me to get up and down after kneeling all day. This item saves my back and makes it a lot safer for me to get up and down.

Robert K.

Kneel and get up with no pain

It's no secret that with age it becomes harder to withstand the load on our joints. 60% of people over the age of 55 experience osteoarthritis, knee and hip pain. It is much easier to kneel and get up with support. For this you can use sidebars of the kneeler.

Gardening should be organized

We understand that productive gardening requires not only comfort but also organization. To achieve maximum efficiency, it's better to have all your tools with you. To help you work efficiently, we're offering a free $18.99 organizer today.